Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture Overload!!!

So I haven't added pictures of the kids in a while, so here you have it!We have been super busy!
Here are the most beautiful kids EVER! (not that I am biased or anything)
I was trying to get a good picture of all of us together! But as you can see, we never got ONE!
Her eyes are closed....
His eyes are closed....
Look at her mad look.....
He is so silly.....
Her with her mad look....AGAIN
This one is probably the best one, and of course she's not smiling....
I was in the kitchen then other day and they got really quiet, I just knew they were into something, I come in the living room and they were laying like this watching TV. So stinkin sweet!
They love each other so much!
Brushing her teeth this morning before church!
Playing in her room!
Pretty girl!