Thursday, August 6, 2009

Presents, Presents and more Presents.....

Steven Paul got so many presents for his birthday! I have got to go threw his old toys to make room for the new ones! He had such a great birthday and fun playing!Acting like he was going to bite Nana with his alligator head!Rheanne playing bowling.....the wrong way!Talking to Aunt Michelle on the phone!
Thanks Uncle Richard, Aunt Michelle and Cousin Ricky for the stickers!!If you can't tell I LOVE them!Steven Paul and Rheanne riding on his scooter he got from Pepaw and Memaw!
Doing what she does best.....talking on the phone!
He was so worn out from playing he took a LONG nap!
Rheanne trying out Steven Paul's toys while he takes a nap! Playing bowling that he got from Nana!
She threw down her barbie and started hitting the ball.
Riding his scooter around the house. He was actually really good at it his first try!
Rheanne wearing her cool sunglasses!
Rheanne playing with Irlan! She loved him!Walking in Momma's shoes!She loves putting my shoes on and walking around!Pepaw watching TV!Steven Paul driving Rheanne's little jeep! I think he was over weight limit, because it was going really slow!Being silly in brother's chair!Probably trying to show off for Irlan. She tried everything to get his attention. Then when he would come after her she would take off running and crack up!HA she was pushing the gas, but sitting in the passenger side and not steering!Worn out after a hard day of playing!This is how she was walking around the house! She hates having shoes on!


Kaycee said...

Hey there! What is your email and i'll get you invited?

kasandria said...

Awww! Precious!

The Queen of Clearance said...

so cute! I cant wait to have kids someday!