Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Challenge- Day 5

Day 5- My Siblings
This is my brother Bo.......
We are two years apart! He will be welcoming his first child only 6 weeks after Baby G is born! I can not wait to meet my niece!! He is going to be such an amazing dad!
He is the best uncle ever to Steven Paul and Rheanne.............they love him tons!

This is my half-sister Haley........
She is 10 years younger than me and is in to Jr. Drag Racing and does every sport possible......
She loves hanging with the kids and they love her just as much!

I also have a half brother Josh, but I don't have any pictures of him!

And that concludes all my siblings!

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That's Mrs. Sandoval to You said...

Oh my gosh haley is getting soo big. I totally remember when you would have her spend the weekend in norman with you. And oh my gosh your bro is going to be a dad???no way....did he get married? girlfriend???you didnt tell me