Saturday, October 23, 2010

Randomness of Rheanne

I have so many random pictures of each of the kids. Here are many random ones of Rheanne.
Watching fireworks on July 4th!
I was going through the kids clothes and she decided to have a seat...........
or better yet, take a nap!!!
She love swinging at the park!
More swinging!
Her new pose when I ask her to smile!
Mrs. Fix It!
Beach time!
After bath she decided to color.......and use her leg as a desk!
She loves makeup.....
and putting it on herself. She got into my mascara and got it everywhere!
Oh how I love this girl!!!


That's Mrs. Sandoval to You said...

holy cow does rheanne look just like steven paul. Seriously they could pass as twins

MeMe Tosh said...

She is so cute!!!!!! Miss you sister can't wait to see you!!!

Love ya!
MeMe & Popa