Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day at Nana's!

Well the kids and I are in Texas and will be here for another month. I am working a summer camp that started on Sunday and it will be over with on July 2ND and then we will be heading home to see Daddy!! I miss him so much already and it has only been four days! But he will be coming to visit so we will see him soon!! The kids have been here for a week and I got here Saturday. We spent the day at Nana's and Steven Paul got $.50 for helping her rake her yard.HA! He was so excited and wanted to go buy some candy!We had such a fun day!
Rheanne wanting to help rake, I guess she was wanting to buy some candy too!Sorry Rheanne your too young, no candy for you!Walking with Meme down the driveway, more like Steven Paul dragging them down the driveway!
Steven Paul getting pushed around by Meme in the wheelbarrow! That thing is so old(if you cant tell by there not being any rubber on the wheels anymore), my brother used to push me around in it when I was little. Riding around the driveway together!
Rheanne chatting with Steven cute!HAHA he kept peddling away from me yelling "NO, don't do that, don't take my picture mom!"

Trying to hide from me behind Nana's car!He had so much fun riding his tricycle!

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