Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 3.....

has come and gone! I can not believe just two more weeks and we will already be done!This year has really seem to fly by! The other summers it drug by because we had so much drama, but not this year!Monday we had Sports night. They got to choose between volleyball or basketball. They had a lot of fun! Tuesday night we went to the mall and you know kids like to shop! The only thing I got was some shower gell from Victoria Secret for $2.00!!! They were having a 75% off sale and I couldn't pass it up. Wednesday night was the best! We had Old School Night where there were things that they could do from back in the day when we were little kids. I was over the tie-die table and all the shirts came out really good! They had sidewalk chalk, marbles,hula hoops, jacks, potato sac races, dodge ball, egg toss and guess how many jelly beans were in the jar! Too much fun! Everyone participated and it went really well! I left early on Thursday to go up to Oklahoma for the weekend! This week is going to be a blast we well! Javier is a very talented drawer!Jodie trying on a chineese hat at the mall.Flo hula-hooping!!Playing jacks!Daniela making her tie-dye shirt!Some more of Javier's chalk drawings!Playing water dodgeball.Courtney tied up with the tug-a-war rope!

The kids came to visit me at work!

My handsome son.....and my beautiful daughter!!

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