Sunday, June 14, 2009

Second Week.....

Camp is flying by! I can not believe that we are already into the third week! It's bittersweet, because I know that as soon as it is over, I won't see some of the kids ever again, they go off to college and start their new lives, but I am so ready to get back to my house! I miss Steven, I miss cleaning (I Never thought this would happen), I miss being with my kids 24/7, and I HATE living out of suitcases!
The second week was so much fun! The kids checked in on Sunday, then on Monday for the activity, they had to get in teams and create a music video. Before they knew what the activity was, we told everyone to go to their room and bring out one item. They brought out everything you can imagine, baseball, air freshener, hairspray, teddy bears, pictures, etc.They had to use every item that their team had in the video. It was soooo funny and the kids were having a blast.Javier (the guy in the black shirt getting off the floor) can do the splits! OUCH!

Tuesday night we went bowling. Our director had never been bowling before so it was fun watching her! She had beginners luck, because she did really good!Elisa(our director),Flo,Sharon and Steven!Genesis (how weird, I have no idea why her face is blurry), Daniella, and Morgan eating!

Jose, Danielle, Chris and Rodrigo watching their fellow teammates bowl.GO ELISA!!Sharon, Shenequia, and Kametra bowling!

Wednesday night was our fashion show! This has been a big hit the past few years! We have different categories (redneck,formal,preppy,80's,business,sports,and pimpin) and they make up their own outfits and we have a show! I was a judge along with a few other people! The girls who went to prom love it because they get to wear the prom dresses again!Shenequia in her 80's attire!Fannie in her beautiful formal dress!Redneck Jodie! HAHA this picture is PRICELESS!!!All of the winners! Congrats!Ha

It has been stress and drama free, so hopefully the weeks to come are the same! Let's hope to have a great week!!

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