Monday, June 15, 2009


On Wednesday night we had some really bad weather come threw and there were tornado's touching down in towns all around us! We got all the kids out of their dorm rooms and into the hallways to take cover. It was so scary, my parents only live like 3 miles from the college, so before the weather hit us too bad I asked them to bring my kids over to the college so that we could all take cover together. I was really stressing out about them, so when they came it was a relief to have them with me. Luckily all we got was rain, wind and some hail. I can't seem to get away from tornado's.While we were waiting for the storm to pass, Rheanne got up and was trying to run around.She fell and busted her lip on the tile. It was so sad :(
My poor baby with her first busted lip. There was blood everywhere!

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