Monday, June 22, 2009

Poor Baby....

Steven Paul had a rough day on Saturday! First off my kids are about the clumsiest kids you will ever meet (they get it from their mom)!Saturday night he was playing with Steve and he went to run away and slid and hit the corner of the door frame with his nose! It started bleeding and for a little while I thought he might have broke it because it looked like it was swelling up. We got it to stop bleeding and I was touching it and he said that it didn't hurt. We watched it the rest of the night and it never bruised or anything. I was shocked, I just knew he was going to have two black eyes and a bruised nose!

For Father's Day, he helped me make Steven a cake and he was so excited to show him! He kept saying "Daddy come look at your birthday party cake"!Ha! Well he was so excited that he decided to get the cake off the counter to show Steven. dropped and broke! Glass flew everywhere! I told Steven Paul not to move and I went over and picked him up and put him on the counter. His little feet had little cuts on them and were bleeding! He looked at me and said"Mommy we have to make Daddy another birthday party cake," in the saddest voice. He was so bummed out, he went and sat in the rocking chair with a sad look on his face. He was so disappointed that Dad never got to see the cake that he had made for him!

Putting on the sprinkles....So excited about the cake he made!
Then bam....he pulls it off the counter to show his Daddy!

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