Friday, July 24, 2009

Eating and Playing!

We have not been up to much this past week. We have found this new school a few blocks away that has a perfect size playground for the kids. We have gone almost every night either before or after dinner! They love it! Here are a few pics of them playing and enjoying dinner!Steven Paul turns 3 next Saturday! I can not believe it! Steven's parents are coming in next Friday and we are so excited to see them! And just a little something from Steven Paul that he told me the other day.....
Steven Paul: "Mommy can you get me something to drink?"
Me:"Yes, when you learn how to say please."
SP"Will you get me something to drink please, and if you don't I'm going to tell Daddy and sister and you are going to be in big trouble!"

He was watching The Jungle Book last night when he said, "Mom, I want to go to the jungle so that the bears will talk to me."I told him that it was a cartoon and bears don't really talk and he started arguing with me "Yes they do I want to go talk to them, and I want to live there with them!"
Rheanne enjoying shrimp Alfredo for dinner, she had it EVERYWHERE!
She put down her fork and started just shoveling it in by the handfuls!Steven Paul walking on the balance beam! He did great!
Having so much fun!
This is my favorite picture of him! I love that smile!
I love them!
Rheanne love sliding!
This is Steven Paul's favorite part of the playground! He could sit and spin all day. I got in there with them the other day and when I got out I felt so sick and he just kept spinning!
He loves it!
And I can't leave out Lady!
Silly boy!
Trying to get every last drop of fruit!

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MeMe Tosh said...

That is one thing Rheanne is a bottom less pit!!! She likes her food! Brother on the other had is a little picky! I can't wait to see them Friday!!!