Friday, July 24, 2009

KOCO News 5!

There is no need to go to California to see celebrities when you can just go the the park across the street from our neighborhood and see them! I'm not talking Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts, but I am talking about these people.........the news anchors! Ha I know what your thinking, they aren't celebrities, but over here in Oklahoma you take what you can get when you are able to see people that are on TV. The news team was here in Yukon for the day. It's called on the road tour with KOCO. They had vendors set up, giveaways, the KOCO helicopter, and they did the 5 and 6 o'clock news live from the park. After school we headed over there just to see what was going on and had a fun time seeing everything! And the best part was everything was FREE!!It was hot! But they didn't care!Mark Rodgers going LIVE in 5 seconds!Steven Paul getting a treat in the ambulance. He was so sweet. He asked the lady, "Can I please get one for my sissy?"
Jessica doing the 6 o'clock news!Steven Paul enjoying his FREE Popsicle!

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