Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to go to Garage Sales! This past weekend we were heading out the door at 8:00am to get some great deals! I got Rheanne a ton of clothes that are 3T and 4T! I also got the kids a picnic table to go outside for $3.00!!! Steven Paul got a play-dough kit that he plays with everyday for $1.00! I got three nice metal hanging planters that I can not wait to put beautiful flowers in and hang on the porch for $.50 each! Here are just a few items!I could not pass up this cute sign for Rheanne's room!Can you believe this jacket was only $0.50!! I got to a sale right when a woman was closing up and she told me that I could have whatever I wanted for .50 each! I got about 15 pieces of clothes! They are all old navy, gymboree, children's place, or gap! This jacket is just too cute!Gap sweater.....$.50!
I got to a sale where they were putting stuff out, and there sat this picnic table! I waited till they had everything out and went up and bought this table for $3.00 and it looks brand new! I am glad I found it because it would have sold quick!


Jamie said...

You will love the picnic table. We had one made for Payton and he loves it. When it's hot I wish he didn't love it so much.

Raechel said...

Great finds! We LOVE having a picnic table for kiddos at our house! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Robbins said...

Great deals! Love the little girly stuff!

Bobbie said...

Those are cute cute clothes and a great deal.