Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just want to jot down a few things Steven Paul has said over the past few weeks that really cracks me up. I write these down so that in the years to come we can look back and laugh!

He was sitting on the potty waiting for me to wipe his bottom when I hear him yell,"Mom, you better hurry or I am going to fall in the potty and you will NEVER have another brother.EVER"
(He said brother because that is what we call him around the house)

We were driving and he looked at sister and said, "You are so pretty, you are the prettiest little girl ever."

This is from a while back. I was wrapping presents for Christmas and Rheanne was crawling all over the paper so I picked her up and set her down and told her "NO" He looked at me and said you don't tell her no. I said I can tell her what I want because I am her mom. He looked at Rheanne and said, "and you, you don't crawl over that paper or I am going to spank your butt"!

He saw a baby the other day and said, "Aww aren't your just so cute, yeah you are."

We were eating dinner the other night and he wanted to eat something Steven had. He said "I want to eat that so I can be big and strong like Dad."

When I get on to him for something he says "You don't talk to that like boys." I keep telling him he has it backwards and should say "You dont talk to boys like that."

I will continue to add to this post as I remember what he says! I can't wait for Rheanne to start talking so I can write it down!

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