Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's Missing....

The other day I was in the living room playing with Rheanne and Steven Paul was in the dining room coloring. Rheanne decided to go to the dining room and help brother. I started watching TV then all of a sudden it got quiet. I went in there looking for her and she was no where to be found. So I start looking in every room of the house and could not find her. I had no clue where she could be. Then I hear something coming from the dog kennel and I look in there and she is just sitting there with the gate closed and a huge smile on her face!Ha! Then this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and Steven Paul was brushing his teeth and Rheanne brushed her teeth and then was playing in the hall. I then realize that she was not in the hall anymore so I go and look for her and again she is no where to be found.Of course I go straight to the dog kennel, but she was not in there. I go in every room again and can not find her. I go look in her room again and I hear something in her closet. I look in there and she was behind her clothes just sitting there with her baby doll. I don't know where she is going to hide next, I guess she loves playing hide and go seek!Getting out of her closet!
Brushing their teeth!

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