Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garage Sales!!

I'm obsessed with garage sales! My mom and I went to some garage sales last weekend and I picked up some great deals. We got Rheanne this motorized jeep for $5.00! I couldn't believe that we got such a deal on it! The people selling it just wanted it out of their garage! I also picked her up a few clothes.I buy them bigger sizes that they can grow into. I cant wait till Saturday when I will be out hitting up garage sales again!She loves her jeep!

I got this whole outfit, shoes included for $1.50! You can't beat it!

These are just a couple of outfits that I got. I got about 15 items (not including the jeep) for $6.50!


Mel said...

Good deal on the jeep!! And I love the leopard print outfit. Very pretty!

Raechel said...

Wow! Great work on the jeep!!